Participatory Investment and Development Planning

September 17, 2021

Robin Hahnel presents a talk Participatory investment and development planning, from the Crisis of the Nation State – Anarchist Answers conference, which was held at the Freiburg University of Education in March 2021. More videos from the conference can be found here

Up to now, the literature on a Participatory Economy has focused on how workers and consumers’ councils participate together to develop an annual plan for the economy. This presentation looks at how federations of workers and consumers’ can democratically create longer-term plans for decisions around investment, education and the environment.

A basic overview of Annual planing, Investment planning and development planning can be found here.

More detail of Investment and development planning (including the whole Participatory Economy model) can be found in Robin Hahnel’s book Democratic Economic Planning Published in 2021 By Routledge.

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