Our response to ‘What’s Left of Philosophy’ Podcast

February 15, 2024

The popular What’s Left of Philosophy podcast reviewed the post-capitalist model of a Participatory Economy in a recent episode. What did they think? What did they get right? What did they miss? Mitchell, Robin and Antti respond.

Their original podcast episode: 76 | For and Against Participatory Planning & Economics: https://pod.link/1544487624/episode/3…

What’s Left of Philosophy podcast is described as a theory podcast from the left. Four friends discuss philosophy, politics, and culture.
YT:    / @whatsleftofphilosophy25
Website: https://www.leftofphilosophy.com/

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PEP Talk: The Participatory Economy Podcast is a podcast where we discuss the democratic alternative to capitalism known as a Participatory Economy, featuring co-creator of the model and economist professor Robin Hahnel. He is joined by host of the show Mitchell Szczepanczyk and regular guest Antti Jauhiainen.

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