Launch of a new Network for Democratic Economic Planning

July 3, 2024

We are excited to announce that the Participatory Economy Project (PEP) has joined a new international network which has launched in July 2024, called INDEP – The International Network for Democratic Economic Planning.

Over the last few months several of our members in PEP have been working with others from the democratic planning community to form this new network. The purpose of INDEP is to bring together individuals and organisations who are working to advance a post-capitalist economy based on democratic economic planning. We all share a common vision of an economy that is based on participatory democratic decision-making, as a distinct alternative to economic systems based on market competition or top-down central planning. You can read more about it on the INDEP about page.

There has been a new resurgence in interest in democratic planning as a need to address the multiple crises we face today, including the urgent climate and ecological emergencies. At the Participatory Economy Project, while we work on one particular model of a post-capitalist economy, there are other formal models which have been developed which all fall under the same category of Democratic Economic Planning. There are also many exciting projects happening in cities around the world today, such as participatory budgeting, which involve citizens in decision-making around how to spend municipal budgets. The aims of the network are to connect everyone involved in this work, help build relationships, support each other and foster constructive dialogue.

INDEP Launch Event

If you’d like to find out more, you are invited to attend an online launch event happening on Saturday July 13th which will introduce INDEP’s mission, structure, and how you can get involved. The agenda includes an introductory presentation, a Q&A session, and interactive breakout sessions to connect with fellow attendees. 

INDEP Online Launch Event (Europe, Middle East & Africa)

13th July 2024 – 12pm London | 1pm Berlin | 2pm Moscow.

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INDEP Online Launch Event (Americas)

13th July 2024 – 12pm Mexico City | 1pm Houston | 2pm Ottawa | 3pm Brasilia.

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  1. Hi Maria. Yes, we will be recording the INDEP online launch event. If you’ve subscribed to the INDEP newsletter, you’ll receive a link to watch it once it’s up on YouTube.

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