If you would like to invite a speaker listed below to present on the Participatory Economy model or related topics, please get in touch.

Jason ChrysostomouLondon, UKJason is available to present on an introduction to The Participatory Economy model. He is currently working on creating a participatory planning software to deliver interactive workshops. Stay tuned.
Robin HahnelPortland, Oregon, United StatesRobin Hahnel is co-creator of the model known as “a participatory economy” and author of Democratic Economic Planning (Routledge 2021) and A Participatory Economy (AK Press 2022) as well as other books and articles about a libertarian socialist alternative to capitalism, command planning, and market socialism. He is available as a speaker on all aspects of the model, including how it would adequately protect the natural environment and how it would organize and reward “reproductive labor.”
Michael HicksIllinois, United StatesMichael is available to present an introduction to The Participatory Economy model, an in-depth look at democratic planning procedures, as well as an introduction to his game Dissent on Mars which simulates aspects of a Participatory Economy.
Antti JauhiainenHelsinki, FinlandAntti is available to present for introduction to the Participatory Economy model, its connections to the social democratic welfare states and for preparing workshops on experimenting with participatory practices. He is also available for presenting on the importance of exploring alternative economic models.
Ferdia O’BrienDublin, IrelandFerdia is available to present on all aspects of the Participatory Economy, whether introductory or highly technical, on its own or in comparison with other post-capitalist proposals.
Anders SandströmStockholm, SwedenAnders is available to discuss accounting issues and challenges in connection to the participatory economy model and its implementation.
Thomas StölnerMunich, Germany;
Vienna, Austria
Thomas is available to present an introduction to The Participatory Economy model, ways to organize without domination from a cultural anthropological point of view combined with philosophical insights. 
He could do this in English or German.
Mitchell SzczepanczykChicago, United StatesMitchell is available to discuss the model of a participatory economy, computerized models of a participatory economy, computer programming, and the politics and political economy of the media.