A Participatory Economy

A model for a fair, green and democratic economic system

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"A vision that draws from a rich tradition of thought and practice of the libertarian left and popular movements... It merits close attention, debate, and action."

Noam Chomsky

"An imaginative, carefully reasoned description, persistently provocative, of how we might live free from economic injustice.”

Howard Zinn

"A brave argument for replacing that flawed machine and offers a much needed – more equitable, democratic, participatory – alternative economic vision."

Arundhati Roy

“Lucid, thorough, and iconoclastic... an outstanding contribution to this important genre of radical social theory.”

Andrej Grubacic

"A comprehensive vision that is worthy of serious consideration and debate among those who are interested in more progressive economic structures."

Workers Solidarity Movement
Activist Organisation

"A specific political conception of the type that modern anarchist thought ought to strive for."

Dan Goodman (Le Samovar)
Neuroscientist and Mathematician